Healthy Steps

Healthy Steps is a 7 week program where families receive brief lessons on nutrition, physical fitness and behavioral wellness in interactive, group-based sessions.
  • The goal of Healthy Steps is for families to:
    • Explore the behavioral issues that can be contributing to weight gain and difficulty with weight management
    • Support their children in dealing with social issues like emotional eating or bullying
    • Learn how best to choose and create healthy eating options at home, school or other locations
    • Exercise and play together in order to increase physical activity and strengthen relationships
  • The program is provided free of cost.  
  • Families will still need to complete our registration forms and get clearance from their pediatrician for their child to participate
  • Assessments are conducted at the beginning and the end of the program about the families’ knowledge and beliefs, as well as their physical health
  • For more information or to register, contact us
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